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    Tuesday, 8 October 2013

    Leaked Service manual shows spec for Latest Nexus smartphone


    Detailed Specs For Next Nexus Smartphone

    The new Nexus will likely be available in 16 or 32GB variants, and will feature an LTE radio and an 8-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization (there’s no mention of that crazy Nikon tech, though).
     NFC, wireless charging, and that lovely little notification light are back, too, but don’t expect a huge boost in longevity — it’s going to pack a sealed 2,300mAh battery, up slightly from the 2100mAh cell that powered last year’s Nexus 4. 
    That spec sheet should sound familiar to people who took notice of what happened with the Nexus 4. 
    Just as that device was built from the foundation laid by the LG Optimus G, the Nexus 5 (or whatever it’s going to be called) seems like a mildly revamped version of LG’s G2.

    will you buy your new  nexus smartphone with this specs? comment below and share
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    Saturday, 5 October 2013

    Market Watch-Best 5 cases For Your Nexus 4

    Ballistic Shell Gel SG Series Case

    It’s a little chunky, but this case from Ballistic offers triple layer protection. It is shock absorbent, with special reinforced corners which are ideal for keeping your Nexus 4 ticking after drops. The cut-outs are perfect – no interference on the camera. It won’t slide easily when laid down, and the raised front edges keep the screen from touching surfaces. The rubber feel is also great for grip and comfortable to hold, but you might find that pocket dust sticks to it.
    Price: ($35)

    Rearth Ringke Fusion Case

    You can get protection from scratches and minor drops without compromising the unique style of your Nexus 4. This case combines tough polycarbonate with malleable TPU, and it features a clear back plate so you can see the back of your smartphone. It fits well, there’s a lip to guard the screen when placed face down, and it has a really slim profile. The button covers make presses a little stiff, but overall it’s a nice unobtrusive option.

    Price: ($14)

    Official Nexus 4 Bumper

    This is about as simple as they come. The official bumper from Google is obviously a perfect fit and it has built-in buttons and cut-outs for the ports. The raised front and back lips ensure that the screen and the glass back are protected whichever way down you place the Nexus 4. There’s nothing much to it, and it won’t offer much protection, but it’s a step up from no case at all.


    Boxwave True Bamboo Minimus Case

    Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material to use for a case and this Boxwave offering combines it with hard plastic which repels dust and fingerprints. It’s slim, it’s lightweight, and it snaps on easily. You’ve got the full range of cut-outs for unhindered access. It should give basic protection against bumps and falls, and you can get it with the plastic surround in black or white.

    Price:  ($25)

    Bear Motion Premium Polio Case

    Made from polyurethane rather than real leather, this wallet style case has a snap button closure. On the inside left you’ll find a couple of slots for credit cards and a plastic windowed slot that’s ideal for an ID. You can also fold the case so that it doubles up as a landscape view stand. You can choose from seven different colors.

    Price:  ($12)

    That’s all for Nexus 4 cases, but feel free to make recommendations in the comments.

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    Friday, 4 October 2013

    Best Android apps of September

    Silent Text

    Communication encryption company Silent Circle released a version of its text message privacy app Silent Text for Android.
    The app allows subscribers to Silent Circle, a service that costs around $10 per month, to route encrypted calls, messages and attachments through their Android handset without logging the usual metadata associated with those communications. Attachments can be up to 100MB and of any file type.

    Music Maker Jam

    Music Maker Jam for Android is an incredibly fun way to mix and make music, courtesy of Berlin-based developers Magix.
    The app takes a more playful approach than the professional suite available for PCs, and it’s clearly aimed at novices looking to mess around with different sounds and mixes, rather than those wishing to create a smash hit. But it is fun nevertheless, and could get very addictive.
    You get access to around a thousand loops from four different genres: Hip Hop, Dance, Electric Jazz, and Rock Ballads. If Dubstep, Techno, Rock Pop or other genres take your fancy, you can buy more for around $1.99 each.


    Moves, the highly-acclaimed activity and location-tracking app , finally launched on Android this month.
    As with the iPhone version, Moves for Android keeps a log of where you go and how far you walk, run and cycle, presenting the data in a simple, useful way. In terms of features, the Android version is a little behind the iPhone incarnation, which recently gained support for connecting third-party apps, and last week added user accounts, meaning that users can change device and keep their data. These will come to Android soon though.


    Simplenote, the popular productivity app acquired by WordPress-owner Automattic earlier this year, finally landed on Android
    Like the iOS version, the Android app is free, but those who download it can get started from the get-go, without the need to create a Simplenote account. Users who do go to the trouble of signing up or logging in, will see their notes synced and maintained across the iOS, Kindle and Web versions of the service.


    Screenshot 24 16 of the best mobile apps released in September

    Hotspotio for Android allows users to share their own, or use others’, Internet connection in exchange for public gratitude.
    Once installed, you simply select which network you’d like to connect to from ones that are available, or can choose to share your own via your mobile device by using it as a WiFi hotspot.



    Screen Shot 2013 09 27 at 17.56.33 220x390 16 of the best mobile apps released in September Screen Shot 2013 09 27 at 17.56.55 220x390 16 of the best mobile apps released in September

    Social photo app Foap landed on Android this month, letting users monetize their mobile photos.
    Following its launch on iOS last year, and maintaining the same core experience, the Foap Android app lets users list their snaps for $10 each (split 50/50 between Foap and the user), providing they garner an approval rating of 2.5 or higher from other Foap users.

    Chirp, the app that lets you share links and photos using short bursts of  ‘digital birdsong’, finally landed on Android this month.
    Rather than sending pictures via messages, emails, social networks or storage services like Dropbox, Chirp lets you send links to webpages, pictures and other content to multiple people at once, provided they also have the Chirp app installed and active.

    FIFA 14

    Are you a soccer fan? If yes, then you should definitely try out FIFA 14. Developed by EA, the icing on the cake is that this game is available for free on Android and iOS platform.
    Last year, FIFA 13 was available at a price of $6.99, but thankfully to try out FIFA 2014, you won’t need to shell out a single penny. The game will be targeting the revenue from in-app purchases such as FIFA points, premium unlock, and more.

    Do you Think we Missed you favourite from the list comment below And share it!

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    Thursday, 3 October 2013

    4 must have Privacy Apps on Android

    Hide Pictures - KeepSafe Vault
    Videos and pictures are most private in nature and this application is specifically meant to keep them secure. You can set aside pictures that are not of a private nature and hence would be available for others to see while the selected pictures can only be accessed after using a user-generated password. The application is simple - just select pictures and videos that you want to hide and they will then vanish from the Gallery of your Android smartphone and stay locked in the Keep Safe. You can only access those once you key in the PIN. It also has an innovative feature called Fake Pin which would protect you from people who will force you to open the app. Choose a second PIN that opens a fake KeepSafe where you can put pictures you are ok for others to see. No one knows you have a real KeepSafe PIN

    Privacy Master - Free App Lock
    Many times we have applications that are a little too sensitive for everyone to access, but it is very difficult to monitor that especially around nosey relatives. Privacy Master - Free App Lock simply locks the apps and one can only access them if they have the password. One can lock any application including settings and even messages. The application also allows users to trigger a fake app crash prompt so that when trying to open an app the other person will get a crash prompt. The app is very light on resources and never fails and that is what the best part about this application. The popularity of the app is palpable from the fact that over five lakh of its 6.28 lakh users have given it a five-star rating so far.

    Lock for WhatsApp Keep privacy
    WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messaging applications used globally. It is quite possible that you have a few contacts and chats that you don't want other people to pry on. One can use a normal application locking utility but it would be a pain to unlock the application every time a new message arrives. Since WhatsApp doesn't come with any built-in freature like this, Lock for WhatsApp is the perfect tool. It allows users to lock the application on demand. But at the same time it comes with a timed lock feature that makes the lock unavailable for a specified time so that users don't have to unlock the app every time they get a new message.

    Shady Browser
    Say you want to keep your browsing history a secret, While browsers have an incognito mode, there is always a chance that you might forget to turn the feature on. Shady Browser, however, comes with a password that is required to get inside the browser. Also, history and browser bookmarks are also securely hidden. The browser supports most features included in the native Android browser along with support for multiple tabs as well as a dedicated download manager. The browser at present does not support video playback within the application itself but the developer is working on the feature. Shady Browser supports flash, but the plug-in needs to be installed on the device.

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    Tuesday, 1 October 2013

    Clear Image of Rumoured Nexus 5

     Clearest Image Of Nexus 5


    The member claims the leaked images shows the new Nexus 5. The forum member further reveals that the rumoured Nexus 5 is smaller in size than LG's current flagship, the G2, and it apparently also features smaller bezels.

    Earlier this week, an alleged Android 4.4 KitKat log file was leaked, apparently revealing specifications of the rumoured Nexus 4 successor, thought to be called the Nexus 5. The log file revealed the device running 'Key Lime Pie' with build number KRS74H. 

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             Leaked Images of Android 4.4 Kitkat

    The rumoured Nexus 5 is expected to come with a 5-inch display (precisely 4.97-inch) with full-HD resolution, boasting of a 442ppi pixel density. It is likely to be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor along with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of inbuilt storage. As for the optics, the device is said to sport an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera.

    will you buy the next nexus with rumoured  specs ? comment below and share it!
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    Thursday, 26 September 2013

    Bug in Gtalk And hangouts

    Google's Hangouts/GTalk messaging system is currently experiencing a glitch where messages are being incorrectly delivered to unintended recipients.
    Several users have found that since around 4pm  this afternoon, messages sent over Google Hangouts and GTalk have been sent erroneously to the wrong recipients.
    There appears to be no pattern to who is receiving the messages by mistake, or who the glitch affects.

    including those that have not yet switched over to Google's new Hangouts platform. Messages appear to be visible on the mobile version of Hangouts. There is no indication that the messages are being received by a third party.
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    Wednesday, 25 September 2013

    5 Apps you dont want to miss!

    The Latest edition of android apps that must be intalled!


    Google made Quickoffice free for iOS and Android this week. The app lets you create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your mobile device. Work can also be saved in Google Drive.

    Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

    This week, PlayFirst, in cooperation with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, announced the mobile game for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, an addictive arcade game featuring characters from the film. Best described as a cross between Candy Crush and Bejeweled, the object of the game is to select groups of three of more foodimals on the screen as fast as you can. Each round of the game is 60 seconds in length and comes with its own unique obstacle. 


    Pandora® internet radio

    Pandora is free, personalized radio that plays music and comedy you'll love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, comedians, or composers and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks. Pandora features hundreds of music and comedy genre stations ranging from Dubstep to Smooth Jazz to Power Workout.



    The newest version of the app ties together the browser and other Google apps on your device. So if you’re signed into Chrome, you can sign into other Google apps simply by specifying which Google account you'd like to sign in with — rather than entering your username and password information again. Also, links in Chrome now open directly in Google Maps, Gmail, Drive and YouTube. 


    Madden 25

    This week also saw the arrival of Madden 25 for Android. Optimized for Android tablets, the game lets you build your ultimate team and compete in NFL-style football games on your favorite Android device.


    Think we left one off the list? Tell us about your favorite apps from the week in the comments.

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    How to create a list of your Android apps?

    Having a list of the apps on your Android device can be helpful at times, for yourself and for others. Maybe you're setting up a new device and can't remember all the apps you've installed or someone you know has asked you for app recommendations for their new Android phone. You could go directly to your list of apps on Google Play, but that list can contain apps you've downloaded, then uninstalled.

    "A list of your Android apps can be a helpful reference. With List My Apps, you can easily create a list and share it with others. "

    To get a current list of apps installed on your Android device, use a new app called List My Apps. When you launch List My Apps, it automatically gathers a list of the apps installed on your Android device. As GHacks notes, List My Apps only lists the apps you've installed, not the system apps that came preinstalled. To create your list, select the apps you want to include, then choose whether you want to copy the list as plain text, HTML, BBCode, or as a Markdown list. The last three options all include direct links to the apps in the Google Play store.

    List My Apps for Android

     When you're ready to copy your list to the clipboard, tap on the clipboard icon at the top, then paste it to an e-mail, Evernote, or some other app you prefer to use. You can also tap on the share icon if you want to share it on social media.

    If you don't want to select every app on the list individually, tap the menu key to bring up the "select all" and "deselect all" options.

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